Causes of premature labor

Causes of premature labor

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Premature labor is a fear shared by many future mothers. Multiple pregnancy, infections contracted during pregnancy, tobacco ... several factors explain these pre-term births.

What is a premature baby?

  • A baby born before 37 weeks is considered premature. The great prematurity concerns births before 33 weeks.

What are the causes of prematurity?

Several factors can cause premature birth:

  • Multiple pregnancies (twins or more). The weight of the fetuses presses on the cervix and weakens it.
  • Thegenitourinary infections, like streptococcus B which can cause uterine infection and fever that will lead to severe contractions.
  • Rubella. It causes fever that gives rise to contractions due to inflammation.
  • Toxoplasmosis It can cause spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy.
  • Uteroplacental abnormalities. They create inflammation that causes contractions.
  • Thepremature rupture of membranes or "pocket of water", it can be of infectious or mechanical origin (weakness of the pocket, gap of the neck).

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