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Glasses and sun ... how to do?

Glasses and sun ... how to do?

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Buy sunglasses for your child ... good idea, except that yours already wears prescription glasses! How to do in this case? Several options are available to you, according to its level of correction and your financial means.

Tinted clips

  • This is the least expensive solution. They are fixed over corrective lenses. But it weighs down the equipment and does not necessarily fit very well ...

A second pair (solar + view)

  • This option is offered by many optical brands at advantageous rates when buying a first pair of glasses.
  • This choice is suitable if the correction of your child is not very strong. In the opposite case, for technical reasons, the optician will have trouble performing both correction + sun protection functions on the same lenses. Disadvantage: the pair of suns should not be left all day on the nose of the child, who will see nothing inside.
  • It is therefore up to the parents to be attentive and to think about changing their pair depending on the situation (inside / outside). Not easy…

Photochromic lenses

  • This third option is the most expensive, but it is also the safest and most convenient. Indeed, this type of glasses is tinted at least according to the sun.
  • Advantage: you do not have to think about changing your glasses throughout the day depending on the sun. A reassuring point also for school days, where sunglasses are generally not allowed: with photochromic lenses, you know that your child's eyes are protected in all circumstances.
  • Only disadvantage: these glasses do not darken when one is in the car, because it requires a direct contact with the UV.

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