Genès pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Genès pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Genes is a variant of Eugene. In the Greek language, it means "well born" or "noble race".


Eugene Curran Kelly, better known as Gene Kelly's stage, was an American actor, director, dancer, choreographer and producer.
Gene Hackman is an American-born actor.
Eugene Nugent is the Apostolic Nuncio in Haiti.
Owen Farrel is an English rugby player.
Owen Hart is a Canadian wrestler.

Genes are celebrated at the same time as Saint Genes. Genes d'Arles or Genes de la Colonne was a clerk of the court. Having refused to transcribe Diocletian's edict of persecution, he was martyred at Trinquetaille in Arles in 308.

His character :

Genès is a boy with a strong personality who does everything to win. Charismatic and attractive, no effort is required to attract people of the opposite sex. However, we must not stop at appearances. Indeed, if he is friendly and sociable, Genè also hides an incredible determination and a strong desire for success. With a smile, Genes is able to captivate anyone. With this ability combined with resourcefulness and persuasion, he can get everything he wants. By dint of seeing the chance to smile to him all over the world, he ended up being proud and conceited by considering himself as a being apart. Independent and original, Genes often takes life lightly. Although he is often light, he does not underestimate his work. Effective and applied, he shows great motivation in all areas.


Eugene, Eugene, Gene, Eugenian, Eugenius, Genest, Eoen, Eogan, Euan, Owain and Owen.

His party :

Genes are celebrated on August 25th.

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